CFB Snippet Dialog with Default Values

I like to use snippets in ColdFusion Builder. Most of mine just dump in a chunk of code, like a try/catch block. However, I have a couple where the snippet pops up a dialog box to prompt for values, like this one for cfquery

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Scorpio M&M’s

A few years ago I attended CFUnited before CF8 was released. Adobe was handing out these branded M&M's. Yesterday I found these on my desk. Do any of you remember…

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9 Years of blogging

Today is the anniversary of my first blog entry, on May 21st 2002. This last year my blogging has been pretty horrific, but that's ok. I guess I've kind of…

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Happy Birthday Blog

My blog turns 8 years old today. Wow! That seems like a long time, but I know there are other people out there that started blogs a while before me.…

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CFQuickDocs Now has CF 9 Docs

Last month I stated that I might not upgrade CFQuickDocs to contain the tag and function documentation for ColdFusion 9. Well, after some good points in the comments, I decided…

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Tip for Learning OO

Over the last few years I have talked a lot about wanting to better learn Object Oriented software development, but I have yet to seriously buckle down and get working…

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7 year blogger

My first blog entry was 7 years ago today. I am very proud of that fact, but I am not proud of the frequency of my posts over the years.…

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My Blog is 6 years old

Today marks the anniversary of my first blog post 6 years ago. I usually mark my anniversary by posting some stats, so here they are:Total posts-361 Total comments-858 Avg. comments…

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