CFFormProtect updated

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I just released a new version of CFFormProtect. If you don’t know, CFFormProtect is a utility that will help prevent spam on your website. Any form that you have on your site can be protected by CFFormProtect.

This release adds a new spam test using the LinkSleeve service. LinkSleeve is a free service that is similar to Akismet, except that it is free for all and does not require an API key. Both LinkSleeve and Akismet are web services that take a website’s form contents as input and then they compare the form data to their database of form posts from all of their users. LinkSleeve looks for any URLs in the post and then checks the URL against a threshold. If too many forms have been posted to their service in a short time with the same URL, it is flagged as spam.

To test this service, I posted a URL to their service once, and it came back as not spam. So then I created a loop where I posted the same URL to them 100 times, and after that the URL is now considered spam. I don’t know what their thresholds are, but I am pleased with the results.

There are also some minor bug fixes in this release. So if you want to get this latest version of CFFormProtect, head to the project site.