I support Citezens for an Open Greenbelt

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Boise Greenbelt Near 13th StFor those that don’t know, I live near Boise Idaho (in a suburb called Kuna). Boise is known as one of the best cities for bike riding on public roads and trails. There is a really long beautiful greenbelt along the Boise river. In the middle of Boise there is a separate city called Garden City. There is a ritzy neighborhood in Garden City that borders a small section of the greenbelt. In 1997 Garden City passed an ordinance banning the riding of bicycles on the section of greenbelt next to this neighborhood.For the record, I am an occasional bike commuter. Most of the time I drive to work, but on occasion I ride my bike for about half of my 22 mile commute to/from work. Also for the record, I do not ride along the contested section of the greenbelt mentioned above. I do however ride a different section that is open to bikes, and this is always my favorite part of the commute.Well, for years nobody paid much attention (or even knew about) that 1997 bike ban. But in recent years Garden City has started to enforce this ban. Bikers are given tickets if they are caught riding in this small section of the Treasure Valley’s greenbelt. In my opinion, this law that was created to satisfy a snotty neighborhood is overbearing.Yes I realize that there is the occasional biker that travels too fast around pedestrians. And yes some bikers are downright dangerous with their biking habits. But to punish the entire biking community that would use that part of the greenbelt is extreme, to say the least.For this reason I am applauding Citezens for an Open Greenbelt who have sued Garden City to overturn this bike ban law. The Judge in the case has allowed the suit to proceed to trial and it will start next February. I will be anxiously watching this trial, as I hope Garden City is put in their place.I honestly believe there are better ways to deal with the “problem” of troublesome bikers along the greenbelt. I hope this law is overturned, and then our Garden City will be forced to explore alternative methods to satisfy those snotty neighbors.