Reset ColdFusion Server Manager password

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ColdFusion 9 offers a new tool for server administrators that is especially useful if you manage multiple ColdFusion servers in your company. Where I work we have 14 ColdFusion servers (mixture of dev/test/prod, Intranet/Internet). ColdFusion Server Manager is an AIR app that runs on your PC. You can perform most of the ColdFusion Administrator tasks from this one app, and in some cases apply changes across multiple servers at once. More details on Ben Forta’s blog.When you first run the Server Manager, you are asked to create a master password. This password is only for this tool on your PC. It does not affect the servers themselves. But what if you want to change the password? I couldn’t find an easy way. The only way I could find to do it is to mistype your password, and then the Server Manager offers you an option to reset your password. It gives you a scary message: “This will also reset all your server passwords.” I was afraid that this would reset the CF Admin passwords on each server. But really it only affects the saved password you had entered inside of Server Manager. When you reset this master password, it will also delete all of your locally saved server passwords. This makes sense, because without this security measure if someone managed to get access to your PC, they could just reset your master password and then use Server Manager to cause all kinds of trouble.