Happy Birthday Blog

My blog turns 8 years old today. Wow! That seems like a long time, but I know there are other people out there that started blogs a while before me. I remember when I first started hearing about the term “blog”. I ignored it for a few months, and then finally decided to go figure out what “blog” means. I remember thinking that “blog” is a dumb term for what basically seemed like a web journal. The rest is history. :)I am not a prolific blogger, but I’m not apologizing for that. The way I see it, this is my blog and I don’t owe anybody anything for it. If I only post once a month, I’m just hurting myself. So you’ll never see me post one of those, “Man…I haven’t been posting very often here. Sorry guys!” posts. It is what it is. I post when I want to say something, and when I don’t, I don’t post. So I generally don’t want to say anything. :)As I always do on my blog anniversary, I’ll post some stats*:

Total Number of Entries: 438
First Entry: 05/21/02
Total Comments: 1244
Average Comments Per Entry: 2.84
Total Views: 919467
Average Views Per Entry: 2099.24

Top 10 posts, by page view

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JavaScript isNumeric function 35882
Obtaining Affected rows from SQL Query 18666
Top 10 Crazy Eclipse Plugins 11811
Mozilla’s answer to Adobe AIR 6622
Speed up page loads, defer your JavaScript 6271
Comet: Server Push to Browser 6171
ColdFusion dynamic variable names 6056
What does your name mean? 5930
Deselect all items in a Select List 5923

*My blog originally was on Blogger (before they were bought by Google). I lost all of the stats from my blog when I converted to BlogCFC. I can’t remember when that was exactly, but I think these stats cover at least 4 years, maybe 5 or 6.