Video for Everybody

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As more and more people are using devices where Flash is not available, as a web developer you might be concerned about this trend (especially since Steve Jobs has waged a war against Flash). I found an awesome tool to help us solve this problem. It’s a tool called Video for Everybody, which is basically some code you can use in your pages to display a video that will work in ANY device (as long as it can play videos, that is). You have to encode your videos in both MP4 and OGG format. Once you’ve done that, you use this code and it will do one of the following, depending on what the user’s browser supports:

  1. Display HTML5 video
  2. Display Flash video
  3. Display an image with download links for the two video formats

So this way you can support all of your user’s video capabilities with very little pain. And for the standard’s conscious among us, it tries to use HTML5 whenever it can.