Two CFBuilder tips

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I am liking CFBuilder (CFB) more and more as I get used to it. I have been using CFEclipse for a few years now, so I was already pretty happy with CFB. But I keep finding new things that improve my approval.I am a bit anal about removing extra white space. As we develop, it is normal for lots of extra spaces and tabs to appear on blank lines, and at the end of lines. CFEclipse has an option to automatically remove extra white space when you save the file. I noticed that CFB was not doing this, but I couldn’t find an option to turn this on. Well, today I found it (by accident). Click Window->Preferences->ColdFusion->Editor Profiles->Editor, and then check the “Trim spaces before saving file” option. :)Another thing I found that is cool is a feature that I thought was missing from Dreamweaver. When coding ColdFusion in Dreamweaver, if you type in ‘</’ Dreamweaver will search for the nearest unclosed tag and automatically close it for you. So if you start a cfif block, type a bunch of code, and then type ‘</’, Dreamweaver will finish the tag for you, ‘</cfif>’. I thought that CFB didn’t have this feature, but today I found that it does. The catch is that there is a delay. If you want to use this feature, type your ‘</’ and then wait a bit, and CFB will close the tag for you. I searched in the options for a way to speed this up, but I couldn’t find it. That’s Ok, at least the feature is there.