ColdFusion Builder Help files

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Most of you probably won’t care about this find, but I’ll share anyway. I am debating if I should update CFQuickDocs to include the ColdFusion 9 documentation. To do this, I would need access to a local copy of the doc pages (tags and functions). In the past Adobe has been helpful to me with this, pointing out places I could look. I only mention this, because some of you might think that Adobe wouldn’t like what I have done with CFQuickDocs, but on the contrary they are very supportive (at least, they have been in the past).When I created the ColdFusion 8 version of CFQuickDocs, I used the ColdFusion Eclipse plugins, which included a full copy of the tags/function doc pages as individual html pages. So I would need to find something like this to update CFQuickDocs to ColdFusion 9. Today I found that the new ColdFusion builder has the doc pages in individual HTML pages, but it wasn’t easy to find.If for some reason you need something like this, look in your ColdFusion Builder installation directory, and in the plugins directory there is a file named com.adobe.coldfusion.help_1.0.0.240773.jar. Depending on when you are reading this, the numbers in the file name might be different, but you should see one that starts with If you open that Jar with your favorite compression utility, you will see a whole mess of .html files. Each of these files represents one doc page for the ColdFusion 9 help files included with ColdFusion builder.