Use Firebug to debug IE bugs

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Firstly, I realize that there are Firebug knockoffs available for IE (IE 8’s developer tools are supposed to be pretty cool). But if you don’t want to use those (or if those options don’t have a Firebug feature you want), you can still use Firebug in Firefox to track down IE rendering issues. I did this the other day when a div was running off the page in IE. In Firefox, I used Firebug’s Inspect tool combined with the CSS explorer to find the CSS class and attribute that was probably causing the trouble in IE. Then I tweaked the CSS and tried the page in IE. Sure enough, that fixed the problem. I LOVE Firebug! :)Also, I should note that Firebug has a version that works in IE and other browsers, Firebug Lite. But I haven’t tried this yet so I’m not sure if it’s as helpful as the other IE debug tools. But looking at the site, it looks like the Lite version has a lot of the same cool Firebug features.