7 year blogger

My first blog entry was 7 years ago today. I am very proud of that fact, but I am not proud of the frequency of my posts over the years. I just did the math, and I have averaged 5 posts a month. Not horrible, but not as many as I would have liked. Oh well. When I first started blogging I had grandiose ideals that I was starting what would eventually become a very popular news site. I mostly blogged about current tech news stories. I was not a ColdFusion programmer back then, so I was not blogging about that yet (while that is my most prolific topic today, however). As I do every blog anniversary post, here are some stats for the curious:

  • I have been blogging for 2,554 days.
  • I have had 1,130 comments (actually more than that because I lost a lot when I converted from Blogger a few years ago).
  • I have had 663,790 blog views.
  • I have averaged 1,596 views per entry.

That last statistic is very surprising. I think it is because I have a few entries that have received a lot of google traffic over the years. For example, these two entries have had about 28,000 views each since they were posted:JavaScript isNumeric function,JavaScript URL variables. So it’s not that I have very popular entries, but rather that those few popular entries throw off the average.