Twitter has ruined ColdFusion conferences (if you can’t go)

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That title is very provocative, but hear me out.In the old days (last year), if you couldn’t go to a ColdFusion conference like CFUnited or cf.Objective(), you could watch the blogs during the opening keynote and see all of the new news about the upcoming ColdFusion. It was awesome! Well, this year’s cf.Objective() was probably the first big ColdFusion conference where most of the bloggers are now using twitter (and not blogging as much). So I decided to watch twitter instead of the blogs. But guess what? Twitter does NOT support “live blogging” very well, especially if it’s a technical conference. Why? 140 characters. You cannot type lots of demo code, or bullet points, or anything like that when you are limited by twitter’s posting rules.Now, there may be ways around this, but if there are none of the cf.Objective twitterers were using them. I learned very little of use from watching #cfobjective that morning. Just today, I finally found that Andy Matthews live blogged the event (I couldn’t find this the day of cf.Objective, for some reason). Thanks Andy, that’s awesome!If you can’t make it to CFUnited, don’t worry. At least I’ll be doing a real live blog from the keynote. 🙂