Apple’s new Netbook

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So the Apple rumor mill is in full swing about an upcoming Apple Netbook. I thought I’d join the fun with my predictions.It will be called the iScreen (because it will have virtually no edges and only 1 or 2 buttons…all screen)Features:

  • iPhone 3.0 operating system, supporting 7.6% of existing App Store applications
  • 9″ backlit screen with multi-touch
  • 64 GB hard drive
  • dimensions: 6×8, 1/2 inch thick
  • Cell phone service with unlimited data plan (exclusive contract with AT&T)

Price: $1299What will be missing:

  • No Built-in keyboard (it will have an on-screen keyboard)
  • No WiFi
  • No Bluetooth
  • No USB/Firewire ports
  • No DVD/CD drive
  • No Battery*

*To fit all of the amazing iScreen components into such a small device, Apple will have to remove the battery. Steve Jobs will be quoted thusly, “In today’s Green world, electricity is becoming old fashioned. Apple doesn’t want to contribute to Global Warming, so we decided to forgo the Battery in the iScreen. Should the user find they really need to use electricity with the iScreen, Apple will be selling a revolutionary external power adapter with built in battery for only $399.”