Setup Linksys WRT54G as a bridge

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I have a bunch of networkable devices in my entertainment center in the living room. I wanted to find out of I could buy a cheap wireless router and then set it up as a bridge to our primary wireless router, instead of running an Ethernet cable to the living room. I found a way to do this.As the title says, I did this using a Linksys WRT54G (I found a cheap one on ebay). The primary router can be any brand/model, because you just connect to it like a normal WiFi client (you don’t make any settings changes on the primary router). To make this work, you have to download and flash a 3rd party firmware called DD-WRT. This is free, and it adds some extra features to your WRT54G (it also supports some other routers on the market, btw).After you’ve flashed the DD-WRT firmware, you can follow this tutorial for configuring the second router as a client-bridge.