Upgrading my wife’s PC = My wife ROCKS

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Ok, that title may sound cryptic until you hear this story. First a little background. When I met my wife, I was instantly attracted to her because of her brain. She told me she is interested in sci-fi/fantasy books, likes computers and games, and had a job doing PC support stuff. So I’m telling myself…how can I ever expect to find another girl like this? I’ve got to snatch up this opportunity! Our courtship was actually a lot more complicated than that, but you guys probably don’t care to hear all the extra details. :)Also, Dyany is not really passionate about nerdy PC stuff. She mainly uses her PC for games and web surfing/email. She never reads technical mailing lists/forums, doesn’t keep up with the latest trends, and doesn’t even have an IT job anymore (but she had one for a few years, a few years ago). But, her brain retains information like a sponge, so every little IT fact she’s ever learned is still in there, for the most part. I have tried to talk her into learning ColdFusion, but she’s not interested. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.So anyway, last month my wife’s PC hard drive was showing signs of imminent death. So we launched the process of getting a replacement and migrating all the data between hard drives. The reason I put “My wife ROCKS” in my post title is because of how this all went down.First of all, she tells me she wants a 1 TB hard drive. Now that in itself is amazing. How many of your wives would even know what that means, let alone know that this is the amount of space she needs? I should note here that we use my wife’s PC as our home “server”, and we store all of our music, pictures, and videos on there, so that’s why she asked for 1 TB.So we buy the drive from newegg, and while it’s in route my wife starts planning how we’re going to migrate the data. Again, this fact alone is astounding compared to most other women out there. She knew that her old drive is SATA, and the new one we bought is SATA. So she asked me if we had an extra SATA cable. We did, but when the drive shows up I found out that her mobo only has one SATA port. So Dyany goes out and finds a free imaging utility and takes an image of the old hard drive (she stores it on a second hard drive in the machine). I swap out the drives for her (she’s not a hardware person). Then she puts the image on the new hard drive. She even did some partition reorganization, with a little help from me.So I ask you guys, how cool is my wife? 😀