Web Browser Y2K

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You would think we developers would have learned our lesson after the Y2K debacle…but I guess not. We are now faced with a similar problem, but this time dealing with browser version numbers.A lot of web browser sniffer code out there only looks for 1 digit browser numbers. There has never been a 2 digit browser number, to date. Well, Opera is about to release Opera 10. In their testing on the web, many sites that accept Opera 9 are blocking Opera 10. Why? Because they think Opera 10 is actually Opera 1. So the Opera guys are trying to figure out what to call Opera 10 to make the web actually work for their users. Apparently in their testing, Bank of America and Windows Live blocks Opera 10 because of this problem.So ask yourself this: Do you have any ColdFusion browser sniffer code out there that only accepts 1 digit browser version numbers?