CFFormProtect 2.0 released

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I have finally pushed version 2.0 out the door. This new version has a lot of bug fixes, and I added support for the Project Honey Pot service. I Have been running this new version on my blog for a week now with no problems, but if you run into any issue please let me know.If you want to uprade from a previous version, it’s pretty trivial (as long as you are using the CFC version, not the .cfm version). For my blog, I just had to drop the new CFC in and change the paths (which is detailed in the directions).For those that don’t know, CFFormProtect is a multifaceted spam prevention component that you can drop into your sites/projects, configure it to suit your needs, and it will silently stop 99% of your spam. It doesn’t use Captcha, or any other visible hinderances to your users, it all works in the background. Check out the project site for more details.