Google Maps: Find Latitude/Longitude

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I have been working with Google Maps a lot lately, and one of the things I find myself doing a lot is figuring out the exact lat/long of a point on the map, so that I can place a marker, or center the map. There are numerous sites out there that let you click a map and get the lat/long, but I don’t like most of them. Today I found one that really works well, at The reason why I like it more than the others is because it’s a lot easier to fine tune your coordinates to get the marker exactly where you need it. When you first click the map to start pinpointing your location, it sets a marker on the map. If you find that the marker is not quite where you need it, you can just drag the marker a little to get better coordinates (and it has a fun bouncing animation when you drop the marker). With the other tools I’ve used you have to click on the map again to get a new coord. set, and when using that little hand cursor instead of a pointer (as is standard in all Google Maps), it’s hard to get it just right.