Corrupted PDFs when converting from BLOB?

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I just spent the last couple of hours trying to figure out why some of the PDFs on a page are coming back as corrupted, while the rest work fine. Turns out it was that BLOB setting in the datasource! I didn’t create this datasource, but when I checked it, sure enough BLOBs were not enabled for this datasource. Once I turned that setting on, my PDFs started working fine. However, I don’t know why some of them would work, even though that setting was off…And before you yell at me for using BLOBs…I am not the one that originally wrote this app, and pulling all of these PDFs out of the DB so I could store them on the file system is not a project I want to undertake right now, so I’m just living with the BLOBs for the time being.So if you are fighting with corrupted PDFs, check your data source setting. 🙂