Do Computer Illiterate People Scare You?

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My post title might make you believe I’m going to bash non-techies, or maybe I’m trying to be funny. But I’m dead serious. Thinking about people that don’t use computers scares me. Literally. Let me explain.Most of you know that I’m a ColdFusion programmer. I make a pretty good living with this career, and I’m generally happy. However, I just finished reading an article that mentioned a reporter who only started using computer a few years ago. Think about that. A few years ago, we had already gotten past the dot com boom, and the ensuing bubble burst. Kids were learning PCs from a very young age at school. Some of us lived and breathed computers (I know I did…and I still do). And yet here was this report happily ignoring the PC/Internet revolution, writing articles on his beloved typewriter.So what’s so scary about that? The fact that he DIDN’T NEED A COMPUTER. And there are hundreds of thousands of other people in the world just like him. They happily go about their life, working, feeding their kids, going to church, all without ever touching a computer. And that kind of scares me.To me, computers are a central, fundamentally important part of my life. But what does that say about me when all those people out there don’t ever use nor need a computer? Somebody tell me I am not going insane here…because this thought is very surreal, and quite disturbing.