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I’m throwing my hat in the ring, even if I am late to the game. 🙂 Liz Frederick asked questions of CFUnited Attendees, and asked us to blog our answers, so here I go:What are you looking forward to most? Networking. This will be my 4th year attending CFUnited, but I have never spent much time getting to know the rest of the CF community while at CFUnited.Which speaker will most likely end up on your camera? Me. Ha ha…but seriously, I don’t take many pictures.What do you plan to do outside conference time? I’m going to the big party at the crime museum, and I want to check out the White House and Capitol Hill. Other than that, networking and hanging out in my hotel room.Fill in the blank: I will mainly be around the   [shrug]   booth. I don’t really know. I hear they’re playing some movies at the AboutWeb booth, so depending on the timing I might spend the most time there.Do you have a new project you are working on and will reveal it at CFUnited? Nope.