CFQuickDocs update

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I have been ignoring CFQuickDocs for a few months, but I finally got around to some requested updates. I fixed a bug in the CF 7 cffile, cfloop, and other doc pages that had multiple sub pages. Also, Charlie Arehart suggested a couple of changes that I implemented:

  • CFQuickDocs now remembers the docs version (CF 7 or CF 8) that you were last viewing, and loads that version up the next time you visit the site
  • When you are viewing a doc page, say cfqueryparam for example, if you click on the other doc version link (to switch to CF 7 from CF 8, for example), CFQD will now load up the last doc page you were looking at, or cfqueryparam in our example.

Thanks for using the site, and thanks for your patience if you had asked for updates and I hadn’t gotten around to them yet.