Deselect all items in a Select List

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Say you want to have a “unselect all” button for a select list, how would the JavaScript work? I just spent too long trying to figure out how to do this in IE. As usual, I got it to work in Firefox right away, but IE doesn’t work the same way.Here’s the code that worked in Firefox, but not in IE:var templateList = document.getElementById('templateList')for (var i = 0; i < templateList.options.length; i++) { templateList.options[i].selected = false alert(templateList.options[i].selected)}I tried all kinds of variations of the above, and nothing worked in either IE 6 nor 7. I finally found this, which I like better anyway:document.getElementById("templateList").selectedIndex = -1And that works in both Firefox and IE. I can't wait for all the browsers to pass the Acid 3 test...