ColdFusion CAN make a comeback

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Over the last year, I have been involved in a lot of debates about ways to improve ColdFusion’s market share. One common argument I heard from people was this: “ColdFusion is old news, and can never make a comeback in such a crowded market. People can’t be convinced to change away from their preferred platform.” Well, I think that’s just rubbish, and here’s some evidence that I’m right.Apparently Python has been making a comeback, and has become pretty popular. Some of the old programmers at my job have been talking about using Python for server scripting tasks, and Tiobe has called Python the Pragramming language of 2007. The interesting thing is that Python is older than ColdFusion, and it has had a reputation of being for beginners (same as ColdFusion). According to Wikipedia, Python was first released in 1991.So, I say that if Python can become popular again after all these years, there’s nothing stopping ColdFusion from doing it. That’s IF Adobe can make it happen with good market positioning and product pricing.