CF9 wishlist item: expand language

Similar to my last wish list item, this one is kind of minor. It might be a lot of work for the CF engineers to setup (not sure), and there are already ways to do this, but I’d just like it to be a little simpler. What I would like is to have an easier way to create new CF tags and functions.I know we already have custom tags and UDFs, but those need to be imported and/or placed in the correct spot for each application. What I would like is to have two specific folders in your CF root where you could place code for custom tags and functions, and then for every application on your server, you can just use them like a normal CF tag or function, with no extra importing, and no (no underscore). I also realize that you can do some of this with mappings, but again that’s extra work, and it doesn’t work in some situations. I know I’m being nit picky, but I really think this would be a popular feature, and I know I for one would love it! 🙂