Interesting SQL Facts

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Yesterday I found out there’s a DateDiff function in SQL Server that works the same as ColdFusion’s DateDiff. Today I was curious if DateDiff is part of the ANSI SQL standard, or if it’s a proprietary Microsoft SQL extension. I never found my answer, but it doesn’t look like Oracle supports it. However, I did find some interesting facts about SQL:

  • SQL is officially pronounced “es queue el” rather than “sequel”. This is part of the ANSI standard, but English speakers usually use the non-standard pronunciation.
  • The ANSI standard is NOT free. You have to buy it, which I think is very stupid. Standards should always be free, in my opinion.
  • SQL was originally invented by IBM in the 70’s, and was called “Structured English Query Language”. Of course, today “English” has been dropped from the acronym.

Just some interesting facts for other curious souls like me. 🙂