Adobe Stupefied Dreamweaver

When I loaded the ColdFusion 8 docs into CFQuickDocs, I used the docs from the Dreamweaver ColdFusion 8 update which was on Adobe’s Labs site (ColdFusion 8 was still beta at the time). This worked really well, because all of the tags/functions were in separate .htm files. However, now that CF 8 has been released, I need to update my CFQD docs to the final release docs of CF 8. So I went and downloaded the final Dreamweaver update from the CF downloads site, but I found that Adobe changed the docs for the final release. “Changed” isn’t the right word, “stupefied” would be more accurate.For every doc page that had an “Attributes” table (here’s an example, look under the “History” section), Adobe removed those attribute tables for the final release of the Dreamweaver docs. Why would they do that?! The only reason I can think of is that they wanted to simplify the docs. But why would you EVER want to “simplify” documentation? I mean, we ARE developers, aren’t we? Don’t we need to know how to use ColdFusion? I am astounded at the software decisions big corporations make sometimes. <shakes head>Honestly, I don’t really care what Adobe does with Dreamweaver, because I use CFEclipse. But I was hoping to use the updated Dreamweaver CF tag library to load CFQD, but it now is evident that I need to find another source for my CF 8 docs.UPDATE: I just tried the HomeSite CF 8 update, and it’s CF docs have been emasculated, just like the Dreamweaver docs.UPDATE 2: The CF 8 LiveDocs has the “full” documentation for each tag/function, so I might need to screen scrape those if I decide to update CFQD (that’s a LOT of work, though).UPDATE 3: Thanks to a suggestion by Charlie Arehart (see comments), I tried the CF 8 docs from the Eclipse docs plugin that Adobe produced. This file contained all of the tags/function doc pages, including all of the attributes table. So I was finally able to update CFQD with the final CF 8 docs.