Open Letter to Tim Buntel

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UPDATE: Tim Buntel got back from vacation and responded to this blog entry in the comments. He listed a lot of things that they did to market ColdFusion 8 when…

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Adobe Stupefied Dreamweaver

When I loaded the ColdFusion 8 docs into CFQuickDocs, I used the docs from the Dreamweaver ColdFusion 8 update which was on Adobe's Labs site (ColdFusion 8 was still beta…

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CFQuickDocs Bug Fix

Ever since I released the ColdFusion 8 version of CFQuickDocs, there has been a bug with the ColdFusion 7 version. The tag categories drop down was broken, and wouldn't return…

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LDS Church switches to Open Office

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I am the financial clerk in my local LDS Ward. Last month they applied an update to our Ward's computer, which included Open Office. Our computer used to have Microsoft…

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Adobe AIR is coroding the Internet?

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Asa, one of the most public figures behind the Mozilla foundation (and thus behind Firefox), recently posted about Mozilla's goals with Firefox, and why it doesn't make sense to turn…

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