What’s cool in Eclipse 3.3?

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There are lots of new/changed things in Eclipse 3.3, but I’m only going to highlight the things that are cool to me. Here is the full list of improvements.Expanded Undo options. You can now undo many more things. From the docs: “When you manipulate projects, folders, or files, you now have the ability to undo and redo the changes you have made. This includes resource creation, deletion, move, copy, and rename.” Also: “Undo is now available for many task and bookmark operations. When you create, update, add, or delete a task or bookmark, you now have the ability to undo that change.”Compare editor improvements. Probably my favorite feature in Eclipse is the local history comparison. This is no replacement for a real SCM system, but it does come in handy sometimes. You can even select two different files in your Navigator and compare differences between them. Eclipse 3.3 has some cool improvements to the editor you use to compare/replace between two versions of a file. From the docs: “The contents of compare editors are now kept in sync with other editors currently open on the same file. Comparisons that used to take a long time now take a matter of seconds, thanks to a new text differencing algorithm. Many of your favorite editor commands are now available in compare editors, including find/replace, show whitespace characters, show line numbers, and the Show In sub-menu. Keys preference page improved. One thing that has always been a pain in the butt is editing shortcut key bindings. It looks like they improved this. In the past, you had to really monkey with it sometimes to get an edited key binding to stick. What I would usually do is add a new one with the key binding I wanted, and then delete the default command that had the key binding I didn’t want to use. It appears that you can now just plain edit these, with no more monkey business. šŸ™‚Drag/drop files into Eclipse. A long requested and missing feature in Eclipse was the ability to open a file in Eclipse by dragging and dropping it into Eclipse from the file system. This now works.Spell checking! Source code can now be spell checked, and this feature is enabled by default. However, I’m not seeing this work in CFEclipse…maybe this is something that has to be enabled by the plug-in author?Text drag/drop. A feature that is often implemented in plug-ins but was not available by default in Eclipse is drag and dropping selected text around your editor. This is now a feature in Eclipse.Page scrolling. In an editor, hold down control and scroll with the mouse wheel. This will scroll down page at a time, very handy for large amounts of source code in one file.Oh, and by the way, CFEclipse does support Eclipse 3.3. However, Flex Builder 2 does not support Eclipse 3.3, according to Flex team member Mike Morearty. Flex Builder 3 will run on Eclipse 3.3, however.