CFFormProtect 1.4 released

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Mary Jo Sminkey sent in an update to CFFormProtect, my ColdFusion based spam protection system for web site forms. CFFP can now run 7 tests on each form post that passes through your forms. This new test that Mary Jo wrote is a spam keyword test. The contents of your form will be compared to the spam keyword list, and flagged as spam when “spammy” words are found. As with other CFFP tests, you can configure the list of key words, set how strong you want this test to be, or if you don’t want to use this test (or any of the other 6 tests), you can disable it in the ini config file.Thanks Mary Jo for all your hard work! She also fixed a few minor syntax errors in the general code base. Also, if you don’t know Mary Jo, she is the author of CFWebstore, a ColdFusion based e-commerce system. And she has been working on integrating integrated CFFP into CFWebstore.If you are curious what CFFormProtect is, you can find out more and download it at the project page.