CFQuickDocs for ColdFusion 8 Released

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Today I am releasing a CF 8 version of CFQuickDocs which provides access to documentation for the updates coming out in ColdFusion 8. All of the new tags and functions are available, as well as updates to existing tags and functions. I have left the original CF 7 version out there, because, obviously, not very many people are using version 8 in Production yet. Let me know if you see any problems with this new version.For those that don’t know, CFQuickDocs is a tool that allows you to quickly lookup documentation on ColdFusion tags and functions. If you need to quickly reference the full documentation for a tag or function, and you find Adobe’s LiveDocs to be slow for such quick lookups, you might like CFQuickDocs. However, CFQuickDocs doesn’t contain ALL of the stuff you’ll find in LiveDocs, only the CF tags and functions. You won’t find documentation on Regular Expressions in CFQuickDocs, for example.