I get more cftalk than spam

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Ok, that’s not always true, but at the moment it is. I have had a lot of fun times on cftalk, learned a lot, and I still find it to be a valuable resource. But I don’t like how extremely busy it is. I have had a few discussions with Michael Dinowitz about it, and we just disagree about how the list should be managed. But he is the boss, so he can run it however he wants.What I would like to find is a mailing list that is as popular like cftalk (or at least nearly so), but doesn’t have topics like these:”Importing Access data to MySQL””Windows 2000 virus problems””CSS positioning help””Stored procedures in Oracle”See, I think that Michael is Ok with allowing just about any technical topic on cftalk. To be fair, there is moderation, but usually only when flame wars break out, or when non-technical topics crop up. And again, it is his list, so he is free to have whatever rules he wants.I would love to find a popular ColdFusion mailing list that discusses just that: ColdFusion. If anybody knows of such an animal, let me know. I am already a member of the BlueDragon interest mailing list, cfeclipse users, and a couple of local lists. But these are either too specific (I wouldn’t want to ask a general ColdFusion question), or they don’t have enough experts to help in those “edge case” scenarios. And no, I don’t like forums. I know there are a few of those around that are pretty good, but I prefer mailing lists.