I don’t understand CRUD

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Pardon the pun. What I mean is, I don’t understand the allure of auto-generating Create/Read/Update/Delete queries for your application (which is a trend I’ve seen in a lot of ColdFusion frameworks lately). I’ll admit that I haven’t ever used this, so I’m falling into the trap of criticizing something I haven’t tried. However, the examples I’ve seen of this are usually way too simplified for my needs. The applications I build are almost never simple enough that somebody else’s code will successfully interface with my database. My queries are usually fairly complex, and they often require a lot of brain bending effort to build correctly, which is not conducive to generated SQL. A big reason for this is because I make a lot of effort to create normalized databases. And a properly normalized database (3rd normal form, imo) usually requires that nearly every query joins a handful of tables together to get the data you need. I could be wrong, but I doubt generated queries will support that correctly.However, I’m open to discussion on this. Somebody that has a lot of experience with scaffolding and it’s relatives, please convince me that I’m wrong here. Because if so many smart minds are convinced that generated SQL is a good idea, I must be wrong.