One of those meme thingies

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I normally don’t participate in the meme trends you see in the blogs today, but since Erik directly requested that I do one, here it goes. The subject is 5 things you probably didn’t know about me.

  1. The first time I kissed a girl was when I was 23, and she was my first real girl friend. I had dated a lot of girls before that, but nothing had ever gotten beyond ‘just friends’. That wasn’t because I didn’t try, though. 😉
  2. I was a floor supervisor at McDonalds once. I worked at McDonalds for about 3 years after high school, and I worked my way up to being a supervisor. I generally didn’t like my job at the time, as it was generally boring and/or stressful.
  3. I’ve taken piano lessons a few times, from when I was a kid until a year or so ago. I have yet to stick with it long enough to get really good. But I am a pretty good singer, and have sung in a lot of choirs over the years. I’ve sung in a duet before a crowd, but I’ve never done a solo.
  4. I love Italian food, and am a fairly good cook (if it’s Italian). I can make pretty good pasta, a tasty lasagna, and I’m Ok at American food.
  5. I was born in New Mexico, and lived there for 2 years. My family then moved to Prescott Arizona, where I lived until I was 13. Then we moved to Boise Idaho, where I’ve lived since (aside from a 2 year LDS Mission in Italy).

So there you have it.