Are you a lazy web designer?

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Saw this interesting story today that lists 10 signs you’re a lazy web master. It seems to be more focused on design, something that many of us ColdFusion programmers don’t need to worry about (someone else does that for us), but it’s still interesting. I don’t agree with all of their points, but my personal pet peeve is listed: programming for one browser only. I hate it when people do that. Even if you’re designing for an Intranet site where know everybody is using IE, how do you know it will be like that indefinitely? Will it be fun to revisit that site in 5 years if your company dumps IE for something else? It’s better to stick with the standards today, IMO. In IE 6, it was difficult to do a standards compliant site, because all of the standards weren’t supported (especially a lot of CSS stuff), but IE 7 is much better at supporting the W3C standards, so we don’t have that excuse anymore.