Steve Nelson discusses a new framework: ColdFusion

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Steve Nelson works for Webapper, and is the original creator of Fusebox. So I think he will get a lot more attention than I did when I said, “Why do I need a framework, ColdFusion /is/ a framework if you do things right.”I just read an interview with Steve Nelson by Michael Smith in the latest Frameworks conference newsletter. In this interview, Steve talks about an experimental “framework” he’s been working on, although it’s not really a framework. It’s based 100% on ColdFusion, and has no core files nor XML configuration files. This is something I’d be a lot more interested in than the popular frameworks running around today. A couple of interesting quotes:”The code looks and feels exactly like an MVC-style Fusebox application from a conceptual level, but it doesn’t use Fusebox 5 XML or core files. It uses CFCs.” “In my opinion, using XML files to create a new framework programming language has more drawbacks than benefits. The biggest drawback is that the developer needs to learn yet another series of tags and syntax and keywords in order to use a framework.””It’s VERY FAST. Since there are no core files, nor do the CFCs extend other CFCs, a page request may only call 2 or 3 CFCs and a couple included cfm files. At this point the performance of the application is up to the architect, not the architecture itself.”This will be covered in a session Steve is teaching at the upcoming Frameworks conference. If you’re going, check it out.