CFEclipse Tip: Find next

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One thing I’ve always been annoyed about with CFEclipse, even though I love it in general, is that I couldn’t start a search and then just hit F3 to search again for the next occurrence of the search term, which is common in most editors I’ve used. Well, I found out today I was wrong (thanks to Teddy Payne on CF-Talk), you can do that. Just hit Ctrl+F to bring up the find box, type in your term, and search, close the find box (if you wish), and then hit Ctrl+k. Works the same as F3 in other editors, and you can remap it to F3 if you want (which is what I did).If you didn’t know already, CFEclipse is an open source ColdFusion IDE based on Eclipse that is becomming more and more popular in the ColdFusion community.