How Not to Announce Product Releases

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I watch a couple of blog aggregaters for the ColdFusion community, and one thing I notice a lot is blog entries that announce product changes and/or releases. But one thing that is usually missing is a good product description.I think most of us that maintain software projects assume that people know who we are, and what our products are. But that’s not always the case. Please take the time to give a quick intro to our product, every time you talk about it on your blog. Or at least post a link to a FAQ page, or something similar.Here’s a bad product announcement:

CFQuickDocs 1.2I’ve updated CFQuickDocs. It has lots of cool new features, so check it out soon!

Here’s a good one:

New CFQuickDocs ReleaseI’ve just released version 1.2 of CFQuickDocs, my tool for quick ColdFusion CF tag/function lookups. This release adds 4 new features, which are…

If I were just learning about CFQuickDocs from these product announcements, the first one would leave me wondering what’s going, and if I’m in a hurry, I’d probably not even check it out. However, the second one gives the reader a quick description, and then they are more likely to try it out.Anyway, these are my opinions on the subject, if you disagree let us know in the comments.