CFQuickDocs updated

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I’ve been working on an update to CFQuickDocs, my ColdFusion tags/functions reference site, and though it’s been done for a week, I’ve been chicken to release it. The reason is because I changed how you use the site, and even though I think the change is for the better, people are going to have to get used to it, and I’m afraid people won’t like it. But I’m finally going to release it.The only real change you will notice is that you now only have one search box for tags and functions. I think this is a user friendliness improvement, but in doing that you now have to type ‘cf’ to get CF tags. However, if you usually use the Firefox search plugin to access CFQuickDocs, nothing will change for you.I also spent a LOT of time trimming down the codebase. The 3 main files of the site added up to 1,348 lines of code. In the new version these 3 files only come to 1023 lines. When I first built CFQD, I didn’t know as much as I do now, and I had some inefficient code in there.So, if you like or don’t like the changes, please let me know here.