I get no comment spam (without using CAPTCHA)

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Borrowing from John C. Dvorak, “I get no spam!” on this blog.It’s now been a week since I put my new project CFFormProtect on this blog, and I have had ZERO pieces of comment spam slip through it’s clutches. I did have to tweak the rules a bit, though, because I found that people with JavaScript turned off in their browser were being automatically blocked. However, the nice thing is that it is VERY easy to tweak these rules.Not to toot my own horn, but I think everybody out there that is currently hiding behind CAPTCHA should take a serious look at CFFormProtect. CAPTCHA is a pain for users, and it is NOT accessible. CFFormProtect is invisible to users, it’s fully accessible, it’s automated (no moderation or black lists), and it’s very effective at blocking spam. What more could you want? :)Oh, and I released a new version yesterday that makes installation a bit easier. I also added an optional email report, that will send you an email each time a spam attempt is made with full details of the ‘attack’.