CFFormProtect: User Friendly CAPTCHA

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I’ve released a new open source project called CFFormProtect, hosted at RIAForge. CFFormProtect attempts to be more user friendly than the obfuscated text CAPTCHA that is common in web forms. CFFormProtect displays three pictures of common objects, and the user is asked to click on the correct image. This is a variation of CAPTCHA I’ve read about, but haven’t seen in use. Here is a screenshot of CFFormProtect in action:

  • Displays as a CSS div on top of the page, near the middle
  • Image names are obfuscated, so bots can’t read them.
  • Images are displayed in random order.
  • If user selects wrong image, a new random set is created if they try again.
  • Any 3 images can be dropped in and CFFormProtect will automatically use them.
  • Works on any operating system (most CF CAPTCHA packages only work on Windows servers).
  • Drop into your web root and use for all sites.
  • Form action page is protected as well (spam bots often directly access the form processor).
  • Easily customize the display text and error messages.
  • Customize the formatting with CSS.

Head on over to the project page and check it out. If you have any feedback, please send it my way. It is an open source project, after all. 🙂