World’s #1 ColdFusion Site Rated Worst Site of All Time

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  • Post category:Uncategorized is also the most heavily trafficked site in the United States, but according to PC World, it’s also the worst site. Some of the reasons for MySpace’s #1 spot are bad security, bad interface design, and a lack of usefulness. I can’t say I disagree with their remarks, but I wouldn’t rate MySpace the worst site of all time. I’m not sure what I would, as there have been a LOT of really bad sites.An interesting comment PC World made was that MySpace should make some effort to authenticate their user’s ages, to avoid the child predator problem. But my question to you guys is, how would MySpace do this? I can’t think of a good answer, especially because most of their users are kids. Typically on the web you will see sites require a credit card for age verification, even if they don’t charge money for their service. But of course, while you can ask Adults to provide a credit card to make sure they aren’t trying to pose as a child, you can’t ask the same of the kids as they don’t have a credit card. While I agree that it’s a worthy goal to have age verification, I can’t think of how that would work.PC World published this list of 25 worst sites of all time, and the article is amusing at best. These top x lists are never very accurate, as they usually are just a few non-industry-expert journalists that throw some ideas on the table and rank them. I am much bigger fan of the lists that are the result of polls, or even better, scientific studies.