Coldfusion Not On List Of ’10 Programming Languages You Should Learn’

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eWeek published a list of ‘must know’ languages for developers. Unfortunately, ColdFusion is not on the list. However, I think it should be. Particularly since one of their criteria for making the list was how many jobs are available on, and their #7 has a LOT less jobs than ColdFusion. Ruby/RoR has 264 jobs, while my searches for ColdFusion returned 650 (including results for ‘Cold Fusion’, the old official spelling).Also, when I compared their list to the most recent Tiobe Programming community index, there are a few discrepancies. For example, C++ and Delphi are not on their list, but these languages are list in Tiobe’s top 10. But this Tiobe list is questionable as well, because it is based on unpublished algorithms that rely solely on search engine results. So a word like ‘Ruby’ could return a LOT more results than relevant programming language pages.