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This blog is now running on BlueDragon. Why did I make the switch? The answer is a simple as finances. I did have this site on HostMySite, but I was paying $20/mo for a shared account. Vivio, on the other hand, has full VPS server for $20/mo. They are also temporarily giving away a free copy of BlueDragon Server JX with each VPS account, so I just couldn’t resist the temptation. And I have to say that I’ve been very happy with BlueDragon so far. I only ran across one small ColdFusion compatibility issue…well, two counting the lack of Application.cfc support.I still use Adobe ColdFusion MX at work, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. So I have a feeling I’m going to become very familiar with BlueDragon, and how it’s different from CFMX.