A tip for FusionDebug, the only real ColdFusion debugger

The other day, in a comment to this post, I mentioned problems I’d had with FusionDebug while using the trial version. I was surprised when the FusionReactor support team contacted me with an offer to help.I was able to figure out my problem, though, when I tried to reproduce the error. If you are in a long debugging session, Eclipse will eventually appear to freeze up. I found out that ColdFusion had thrown a time out error, and thus FusionDebug just stopped the debugging session. I never saw the error in my browser, though, because I had my nose deep in the debugger. John, from FusionReactor, mentioned that people have also seen this occur when you’ve got a bug in your code. However, you /can/ look up at the debugging buttons and the debug view. You will be able to tell that FusionDebug has stopped the session; for one thing, the debug buttons are grayed out.So now that I’ve figured that out, I’m going to try to talk my boss into letting me buy this baby. I have long been lamenting on my blog that ColdFusion’s debugging pales in comparison to the competition. Now I can shut up.