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Update: I’ve now added a video showing how to do split pane editing in CFEclipse (MPEG, 6.5 MB). The video is very compressed, to save download times (yes, there are still a few folks out there on dial-up).One thing that HomeSite users often miss when they try CFEclipse is split pane editor windows (If you’ve been living under a rock, CFEclipse is an advanced ColdFusion IDE). They like being able to edit the same file from two different locations, with a split pane view of both. I always tell such folks that it’s possible to do this. Just right click the suspect editor tab, and click ‘New Editor’. This gives you a duplicate copy of the page you were editing in a new editor. You can then drag this down into the editor window, either to one side or to the bottom and it will create a split pane view. When you’re done, just close the second editor (or minimize it if you’ll need it later).Something I found out today is that you can also duplicate the current editor by clicking Window->New Editor.