Are you mad at Adobe?

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With the recent debates in the ColdFusion blogosphere and forums about which features should be in CF 8, I’ve found myself becoming more and more frustrated with Adobe. Because I have requested some very important features that need to be in CF 8! And the posts and conference sessions I’ve seen from Adobe engineers seem to indicate a focus on a lot of features that I don’t care about, frankly.However, the other day I stood back and took a look at myself. I said, “Self, aren’t you a conceited, self righteous bloke?! Who are you to say that nobody is going to care about Flex integration? And how do you know that nobody will care to create and control Breeze presentations from CF? And most importantly, stop going on about how stupid the OO feature requests are!” I had to tell myself that any new features that Adobe adds to CF are at least going to increase the platform’s audience, and at most be the killer feature that finally strips away a lot of that PHP/ASP market share. Will it hurt me if Adobe decides to add interfaces to CFCs? It most certainly won’t, but I do believe that it will give CF more respect from the OO developers out there (the ones that don’t use CF now).So, even though I’d prefer to see Adobe add interactive debugging, if they decide to put that off in favor of adding other features, I’ll live. And I do think that whatever features they do add will most likely make CF a bigger and more important platform in the web development world.