CFQuickDocs update

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CFQuickDocs is a tool I made for quickly looking up documentation on ColdFusion’s tags and functions. Recently Mark Drew contacted me, because he is thinking of modifying CFEclipse‘s help browser to pull docs from CFQuickDocs. Part of accommodating that prompted me to change the URLs that go directly to individual pages. Before tonight you could pull up cfquery like so: I added a real URL var like so: any of you have bookmarks to specific CFQuickDocs pages, you will have to fix them. Sorry! I actually had other people asking for this change too, because they wanted to make things like a Firefox search plug-in for CFQuickDocs, but this requires a real URL var.Someone else asked for the ability to perform partial searches from the URL, if you don’t remember the full name of a tag or function, like so: used to return an error, but now returns a list of matching tags/functions. This can be useful if you want to create a Firefox quick search for CFQuickDocs.