Damon Cooper releases cfthread and cfjoin

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If you followed the news from CFUnited, you’ve heard about Blue Dragon 7, which will have asynchronous processing tags. You will be able to put cfthread tags around some code to split off another thread, and then use cfjoin to get back to the parent thread Correction, cfjoin is used to tell your code to wait for a particular thread to finish before continuing. When I saw this, my thought was that it looks a LOT easier than CFMX 7’s asynchronous gateway.So today, I saw that Damon Cooper (Adobe’s Director of ColdFusion Engineering) threw together some proof of concept code for cfthread and cfjoin. Curiously, he doesn’t mention Blue Dragon anywhere in his post. This code works in CFMX 7.02. I haven’t tried it, but I’d assume this is not production worthy yet. I’m not saying it won’t work, but Damon mentions at least one bug in his blog post.So I have to reiterate that I LOVE competition! 🙂