IE 7 beta 3 standalone

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Update: I ran a spyware scan and a virus scan, after this installation and a reboot, and I didn’t find anything bad. Also, I checked my startup software, and this IE 7 Beta 3 installer didn’t add anything to my list of programs that start with Windows. So I’m giving this a thumbs up.</update>I’ve been hoping to find a way to install Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 beta 3 as a standalone browser, instead of letting it replace my IE 6. The main reason is because I’m a web developer, and I need to continue testing on the most dominant browser on the market, which happens to be IE 6. Today I finally found a 3rd party installer that will install and run IE 7 beta 3 next to IE 6, instead of replacing it. I tried it, and it works! Well, mostly. Some of the browser’s features don’t work, like the search box and the menu bar. But I’m not concerned with IE 7’s features, I just want to see how it renders web pages. I’m suspicious that this 3rd party installer gave me some spyware and/or viruses, because of the language on the page. I hope that’s not the case, and indeed I haven’t seen any adverse affects yet. But someone let me know if they find anything.