Live from CFUnited

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I’m sitting here in the opening keynote session, and I’m going to write about the news as it happens.ColdFusion MX 7.0.2 is available today! 🙂

  • Updated Flash Remoting
  • New Flex Data Services adapter
  • New Flex Messaging gateway
  • Flex Builder 2 CF extensions
  • Updated reporting engine
  • Bug fixes/patch rollup

In the upcoming release of CF, they will have improved administration, better server monitoring and analysis tools.Flex 2 is now available.Pricing:

  • Flex Builder 2 costs $499
  • Flex 2 SDK is free. Compiler and framework
  • Flex Data Services Express is free. Single CPU, no clustering

Ben is doing a demo of Flex now, so I’m guessing there won’t be any more announcements.Ah, now there going to get into CF “Scorpio” more. :)CF 8

  • Support for more platforms
  • Improved development tools
  • Leverage more Adobe tehnologies
  • Tighter integration with PDF
  • CFPDFForm! New tag, takes data from a PDF
  • Populate PDF forms directly from CF
  • Dynamically create Adobe Breeze presentations from CF
  • New tag, CFPresentation

Tim Buntel is back! He’s going to be the new CF Product Marketing Manager. They are going to advertise CF!They will give a much deeper look at CF 8 at this year’s Max, in Nevada.Well, that’s it. And that was fun.